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Kingdom Transformation…one life at a time

We believe God has called us to WIN – TRAIN – SEND a generation for Him through Faith, Hope and Love.

What we are about?

It brings us great joy to be part of the destiny of over 400 children and future leaders of this beautiful nation of Swaziland. We provide food, shelter, clothing, tuition.

Education Skills training, Biblical training and quality schooling foundation for the future of Swaziland. Training runs for 1 year and includes practical placements

Men and Women’s Centres dealing with abuse and life-controling habits. Our program is based on a twelve-month resident based program.

It is the desire for church and ministry to be established in the rural areas to empower communities to step into self-sustaining projects.

Short & long term missions from ALL over the world. Mission Impact is set in the beautiful Kingdom of Eswatini, a peaceful nation led by His Majesty, King Mswati III.

Everyone has Influence and the ability to create positive change. When you improve your leadership, you impact lives, churches and businesses

With over 400 children in our Childcare program, the need to add more is always evident from the requests we get to take more children into the program. Every money donated is spent on our childcare program and is split between general care costs, food, medical care, education as well as home care.

The Wider Family

Samkelo Khumalo
Samkelo Khumalo is one of the many lives transformed through our Teen Challenge Centre by the love and goodness of God.
Life Transformation
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