ICBC’s, Missions and Healthcare are working together to transform lives in Swaziland.

In Engcamini a group from CMS were prompted by God to take bottles of Bulembu water, that had been donated by one of our donors in the United Kingdom, into the community. They met up with Pr Vusi at the Engcamini ICBC and he took them to a homestead where he knew an elderly gentleman lived. What they didn’t know was that this man had just been sent home from the hospital, who did not know what to do with him, he was sent without any medication and told to simply drink plenty of clean, fresh water. What sounded simple was not easily done as this the nation was suffering a severe drought and so there was no way he could find safe drinking water. And he was too unwell to go out and get it, even if there had been any. But God had a plan for this man for within half an hour of him getting home, we arrived with a team at his homestead carrying in each hand 5 litre bottles of fresh Bulembu water.

We were able to leave him with 20 of these 5 litre bottles of water. So he could have a chance to recover from his illness. We prayed for him and blessed him before we left. Pastor Vusi continued to visit him and later brought the Challenge Ministries health team, led by Nurse Clair. While she prayed with the elderly gentleman she felt the Lord lead her to pray a prayer of salvation with him. At the moment of her praying the heavens opened and the thunder began to roar. Undeterred by the raging storm they prayed together. The thunderstorms continued to roar and the hail rattled on the roof, but Praise God this man had given his life to the Lord Jesus. That in itself would be an amazing transformation but there is more. As Clair and her team left, Pastor Vusi asked her if she knew that the man was the local witchdoctor. Hence the reason the storms rose up in the natural as they were raging in the spiritual.

Pastor Vusi and his church began the whole process of discipling this man as well as helping to care for physical needs. One year on that man is now healthy again. He walks to church every week, is part of the ICBC and he is now leading other witchdoctors to Jesus.

This story clearly demonstrates the vision for ICBC’s; where everyone works together. Being hope, sharing the good news of Jesus and seeing a nation transformed, one life at a time.