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Child sponsorship program

Love lives here, changed lives leave here

Burdened by the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world, orphaned and vulnerable children comprise nearly one-fifth of Swaziland’s population. Although the future looks bleak, we are making a difference by raising today’s children to be tomorrow’s leaders. Through medical care, food, clothing, housing, education and home care you can give a child the gift of a future. The goal for each child after all is not merely survival but the opportunity to thrive.

By supporting our childcare program today, your support will help change a life with love. You will receive periodic updates on the exciting stories that are happening in their lives as well as academic progress and school newsletters. Be part of the transformation! You can support a child as either a Child Co-Sponsor, or a Child Total Sponsor.

You can also sponsor the further education in our Tertiary Sponsorship programme.


Pie chart shows partial sponsorships required for our existing care of 400 children

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  • Co-sponsor – £25/month
  • Full-sponsor – £200/month

“via our partner CMS UK”



  • Co-sponsor – $35/month
  • Full-sponsor – $420/month

“via our partner PIA”


Eswatini & South Africa

  • Co-sponsor – R375/month
  • Full-sponsor – R4500/month


  • Online payment by debit/credit card via our UK partners CMS UK – select ‘Enter Address Manually’
  • Or contact us for EFT details. 



  • Co-sponsor – $35/month (CAD)
  • Full-sponsor – $490/month (CAD)

“via our partner TGCF”


Other Countries
for residents and citizens all over the world

  • Co-sponsor – £25/month (GBP)
  • Full-sponsor – £200/month (GBP)

“via our partner CMS UK”

Child Sponsorship Program

Our Child Sponsorship Programmes

Unlike other child sponsorship programs, Challenge Ministries’ Child Sponsorship Programme goes beyond simply supplying essentials like food, shelter and clothing. Child sponsorship ensures long-term, sustainable solutions by providing holistic care directly to children in need.

100% of all sponsorship funds go directly towards the child, providing coverage for all aspects of the child’s life: monthly medical, food, caregiver, clothing and housing, and education. Challenge Ministries’ Child Sponsorship Programme gives Swazi kids the opportunity to thrive, to just be kids and to emerge as leaders in their homes, work, community and nation. We at Challenge Ministries believe every child deserves the chance to have an education and fulfil their dreams.

Becoming a Sponsor

We are proud to share the stories of the children and the work in Bulembu and Hawane and hope you become part of the journey with us. Our goal is to update sponsors on progress on a quarterly basis and to update a sponsor’s child profile annually, on our Child Sponsorship website.

Updates that a sponsor receives include photos, information, videos.

A sample of a letter from a sponsored young person
A sample of a letter from a sponsored young person
Example of a Child Sponsorship page
Example of a Child Sponsorship page
You will also receive regular newsletters
You will also receive regular newsletters

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