Who is Challenge Ministries Swaziland?

    Challenge Ministries Swaziland (CMS) is a not for profit Section 21 charity based in Eswatini; a small, beautiful country which is landlocked between South Africa and Mozambique. Eswatini has one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in the world, which has resulted in many orphaned or vulnerable children living on the streets without any hope for the future.

    CMS has a vision to make a difference in Eswatini for many generations through the care of orphaned and vulnerable children, development of rural communities, education, rehabilitation programs, rural healthcare, sustainability projects and teaching godly leadership.

Our Mission

To Know God, To be His people, to value others and to change our world Through our Values of Faith, Hope and Love.

How it all began?

Lighthouse – Teen Challenge Ministries – Challenge Ministries Swaziland
Challenge Ministries
Johnson Street Lighthouse, 1997
Locked Steel Gate
1st houses at Emafini, 1998
Challenge Ministries
Lighthouse Official Opening, 2003
Challenge Ministries
Bulembu, 2006

    Challenge Ministries Swaziland started in 1997 at the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis when Kevin & Helen Ward were troubled by the increasing number of street children in the nation’s capital city. Together they opened a coffee shop drop-in centre called “The Lighthouse”. It was a refuge of safety for those on the street; however, it was soon evident that feeding and clothing these vulnerable children was not enough. While they hoped that many of the children they encountered could be reunited with their families, they soon found that those families no longer existed, or that the family homes were not safe. Most of the children had experienced abuse while living on the street and all had experienced rejection. CMS has since grown to focus on caring for orphans, vulnerable children and rehabilitating people with life controlling habits or those having escaped from domestic violence.

Wider Family

Challenge Ministries

Bulembu Ministries Swaziland works closely with Challenge Ministries, and we have a common vision to raise generations of Swazi leaders who will contribute to transforming their nation. The ministries are separate not-for-profit entities governed by Boards of Directors operating jointly and in unity. Read More

Locked Steel Gate

CMS UK works with CMS to help raise child sponsorship from within the UK for our children in Eswatini. This helps to make the donation process for people from within the UK so much simpler. Please click here if you are from the UK and you would like to find out about child sponsorship. Read More

Challenge Ministries

Challenge Ministries Swaziland (CMS) have partnered with Partners in Action (PIA) to establish a greater CMS presence in the USA. Challenge Ministries Global represents CMS in the United States, empowered by PIA. Read More

Challenge Ministries

Potter’s Wheel Church is an active body of believers, providing the spiritual covering for Challenge Ministries, providing training, resources, leadership and care throughout CMS projects.
Read More

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

    Challenge Ministries Swaziland (CMS) is delighted to announce that we have been awarded an ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management Systems. This is an internationally recognized standard that ensures our services to mankind and to meet the needs of Lord’s Kingdom through an effective management standards and professional systems. The certificate has been awarded by the Royal Stancert B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands on November 27, 2019, accredited by the Global Euro Accreditation Centre (GEAC).

    A Continuous Improvement…

    An ISO accreditation demonstrates our commitment towards continued improvement to reach the highest standard of quality management.

The CMS team underwent an extensive audit that included quality management system development, a management system documentation review, pre-audit, initial assessment, and clearance of non-conformances etc. Gaining ISO 9001:2015 reinforces CMS’s relentless focus on quality benchmarks on global standards of excellence.

Kevin Ward
Founder CMS

We are extremely proud of our team for their achievement, which proves the Ministry’s commitment to ensuring quality care and providing the best possible tireless services to our society and community. We are dedicated to focus towards constant improvements and developments to maintain the highest standars of quality management systems at all levels.