Life at Bulembu

    Bulembu is a not for-profit organisation, formed in 2006, with a vision to serve Jesus Christ by restoring hope to the people of Eswatini through community enterprise and community care. Bulembu was once an abandoned town, but is being rebuilt to a thriving, sustainable community. Family-style children’s homes, top-level schools, a growing church and quality health services are supported by the development of commercial enterprises. It has been designed to reweave the social fabric that has been worn thin by the AIDS pandemic and rampant unemployment in Eswatini. It is wonderful to see our children growing both physically and spiritually, to see them transit in life and witness God elevating them for bigger things. Some of our children have completed school and are now studying at Universities or Colleges. Others are doing internships at large companies within Eswatini, they come home whenever they can and it is such a blessing to see them doing so well in life and in their workplaces.

Bulembu exciting news

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Challenge Ministries
The gardens consistently produce big, fresh and healthy vegetables. They are used in the kitchens to make nutritious meals for the children. Any surplus vegetables are sold to provide an additional source of income.
Locked Steel Gate
The children at Bulembu are growing healthy and strong. They enjoy school and are progressing well in their studies. We are excited for their futures and what they will achieve in their lives.
Challenge Ministries
The house parents are doing an incredible job of raising the children in a Godly way and training them to be good stewards of all that they have been blessed with.