We are so proud of all the talent displayed by the children and we also thank God for blessing them with such talents. So much has been happening and we thank God for Hawane and for all the fun and excitement going on. We are delighted!

Life at Hawane

    It is wonderful to see our children growing up to be young men and women with hope and purpose. We see such a transformation in them both physically and spiritually. We are enjoying seeing our older children, who have completed tertiary education, happy and working in their dream jobs. Those who work away from Hawane area still often come home to visit, which is always a special time for our extended family.

    Our younger children are continuing to do well at school and are balancing their sports, studies, family and church life well. They all enjoy weekly exercise classes as a family which helps keep them in shape while having fun together at the same time. All of our children love to sing and many of them play musical instruments. They enjoy getting together to play instruments and sing – the boys particularly enjoy their donated drum-set.

    The house parents and the staff are doing an incredible job of teaching, encouraging and raising the children in a Godly way. We are blessed to have them on our team to be a part of the miracles, transformation and restoration taking place here.