Our cause and impact

    Eswatini, a small landlocked country between South Africa and Mozambique, is in great need.

    In the 1990’s Eswatini was declared to have the highest HIV/AIDs infection rate in the world. The population was decreasing and it was estimated that at the current rate of mortality the Swazi people would cease to exist by 2050. This statistic has improved over the last few years but Eswatini still has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDs in the world. The resulting orphan crisis and persistent drought in Eswatini and Southern Africa has added to the need within the country.

    Challenge Ministries Swaziland seeks to care for those most in need; being the orphaned or vulnerable children and the elderly. We train and equip church leaders in poverty stricken areas to be able to empower those within their community to help their fellow neighbours. We do this through a church plant, a preschool, a healthcare team, a feeding program for the children and a sustainability project. Through these community church plants (ICBC’s) we have already seen how communities are being transformed as all the members of the community come together to help each other.

    Each life impacted through the work of Challenge Ministries Swaziland is helping to transform this beautiful nation.

Challenge Ministries