For men and women with life controlling habits

    What began as Teen Challenge program in April 1997 has now grown into fully fledged rehabilitation centre for both men and women with life-controlling habits. Our program is based on a twelve-month resident based program, Christ-centred, and a discipleship-based regimen of restoration. As a fully certified affiliate of Global Teen Challenge, Emafini Teen Challenge Discipleship Centre utilizes a treatment protocol whose success has been proven in 58 different countries for over 51 years. This track record of success has baffled the medical community and amazed investigators and makes Teen Challenge Swaziland a well-recognized resource to the community and concerned people everywhere.

“In my own life I’ve known such deep hurt and rejection and God has clearly shown me personally how to have victory over my past and walk in forgiveness. I stand amazed in how He now places me here to love and care for these beautiful girls and to also show them how to find that victory, and ultimately that freedom, through Christ.” Thobile Mnisi- Elusitweni Women’s Centre Manager

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Our program centres

Challenge Ministries

Men's Centre

The men’s centre offers men, young and old from different backgrounds a chance to regain their freedom from life controlling habits and challenges. The centre offers a haven of hope to many.

The primary reason for the high success rate of the programme is the emphasis on discipleship and encouragement of the spiritual disciplines of Bible Study, prayer and Christian fellowship. The men’s centre recently relocated to Hawane in the outskirts of the capital city Mbabane in November 2019, bringing a new shift to a programme designed to promote physical and emotional freedom through spiritual growth and development.
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Women's Centre

TC Women’s Centre, Elusitweni protects & empowers women and their children suffering from physical or sexual abuse. The program provides women and girls with physical, spiritual and emotional care enabling them to discover healing and freedom in Christ.

In September 2007 the first resident was accommodated at the Women’s Centre. The vision of Centre is to see abuse diminish and families made whole again; to ensure that women who are vulnerable and hurting are ministered to before they get involved with drugs, crime or promiscuity; and to educate them about the love of Christ and how to live in victory.