Authority Structure

    Challenge Ministries Swaziland (formely known as Teen Challenge Ministries Institute) is the ministry which founded and covers The Potter’s Wheel Church. Challenge Ministries Swaziland is a registered Section 21, not for profit entity and is audited annually by auditors, Kobla Quashie & Co. The ministry is also registered at the Conference of Churches and has its names secured at the Ministry of Justice under the Names and Badges Act, securing the names of Teen Challenge Eswatini, The Potter’s Wheel Church and The Lighthouse. The board of Challenge Ministries Swaziland is directly responsible to cover all the aspects of Challenge Ministries, being (and written in historic order of development), Teen Challenge Discipleship Centre Emafini, Hawane Children’s Homes, Hawane CLC, TCMI Life Skills School, The Potter’s Wheel Church, Elusitweni Help Centre, In Community By Community (ICBC) church plants. The covering board of Challenge Ministries has required The Potter’s Wheel Church to train up from within the fellowship, six individuals to sit on this board, in order to provide direct oversight for the entire Challenge Ministries Swaziland work, including The Potter’s Wheel Church. The board has then also required that elders and deacons be appointed to serve the Church and to be held accountable by the board. The covering board of Challenge Ministries Swaziland has a direct relationship of affiliation with Global Teen Challenge. (Teen Challenge was founded by Rev. David Wilkerson – author of “The Cross and the Switchblade.” Rev David, his son Gary and David’s brother, Rev. Don Wilkerson continue to relate with us directly, though they no longer lead – but do continue to support – Global Teen Challenge.)

Meet the Family

Challenge Ministries

The Founders

Kevin & Helen Ward founded Challenge Ministries in 2007 when they became concerned about the number of orphaned & vulnerable children living on the streets of Mbabane. They are the Executive Directors of Challenge Ministries Swaziland and also the senior pastors of Potter’s Wheel Church.