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Hope And Glory

Child Sponsorship

The children were brought into our Children’s homes from the most incredibly difficult and traumatizing backgrounds. 

They were rescued by child services and the ministry by faith volunteered to take them in rather than have them split up and go through separation and stress after all they had come through. They have settled in as well as could be expected and are beginning to develop their confidence and security again. As most parents will know the cost of providing for and looking after children is not low and it is no different in Swaziland. 

We have provided a cost chart for a child in a home which is easily recognizable but when you realize that the state does not contribute and the ministry depends on financial support from loving and caring people then you can see how great the challenge is of bringing HOPE and a future to these children and by doing so bringing GLORY to God by “looking after the orphans in their distress” James 1:27.


All of the above children have had no sponsorship and it is our God-inspired hope that every one of them by the time we see them leave our lovely little land will be fully sponsored and secure in the knowledge that their future is bright and their hopes can be fulfilled because of people like YOU.

Bringing Hope to Swaziland


This year we are seeking to bring hope to a remote andrural community at Msahweni where there is a huge water shortage for a very poor community. We have established a Pastor’s home and a church in the community and are providing a preschool opportunity and feeding program for needy children. Paramount is the need of the children and the community for water. Rather than walking several miles for an intermittent supply of water before carrying it back to homesteads, we are hoping to provide this community with water by means of boring down to a water vein deep in the ground. Tests have proven positive and our desire to produce clean consistent water for this community is within grasp. The cost of this operation including pre-testing, boring, piping and building water tap, the securing within a concrete building, pump and generator, piping to key locations and taps provided at those sites will be. All money donated by the H2O water bottle challenge will be used to help in this and similar projects across Swaziland.